Business Energy Savings And Solutions

Mosaic Energy offers a full portfolio of business energy solutions.  Energy Services include Business Electricity, Commercial Natural Gas, Business Energy Management, Solar Power, Commercial Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Solutions, and Energy Consulting Services.   Mosaic Energy is committed to the energy efficiency needs of commercial and industrial customers.  We help reduce operating costs through the procurement of deregulated energy services and alternative energy solutions for businesses.  No longer do you have to accept services from one Electricity or Natural Gas provider, you now have alternative energy suppliers and business energy solutions.  Mosaic Energy compares commercial energy suppliers and prices, so you can choose the energy provider that best meets your needs. Our energy consultants will also help your organization understand alternative energy options and business energy solutions available.

Business Electricity

  • Deregulated Electricity Markets & Commercial Electricity Suppliers
  • Blended, Variable, Fixed Rates with Optimized Plans & Account Management
  • Electric Bill Analysis & Competitive Bidding – 5-25% Average Energy Savings
  • Compare Business Electricity Rates Here

Commercial Solar Power

  • Solar Needs Analysis with Complete Project Planning
  • Maximize Tax Incentives & Solar Project Financing
  • Competitive Bidding Process with Multiple Solar Suppliers
  • Energy Independence – 25-50% Average Energy Savings
  • Ongoing Solar Management & Maintenance
  • Solar Energy Consultants Available

Commercial Natural Gas

  • Deregulated Natural Gas & Suppliers
  • Variable, Blended, Fixed Rates with Optimized Plans & Account Management
  • Natural Gas Bill Analysis & Competitive Bidding – 5-25% Average Energy Savings
  • Compare Commercial Natural Gas Prices

Energy Retrofit & Commercial Energy Efficiency

  • Retrofit Lighting & Energy Control
  • Improve Lighting Quality and Maintenance Costs
  • Maximize Tax Incentives & Lighting Retrofit Financing
  • Competitive Bidding Process with Multiple Lighting Retrofit Companies
  • Complete Project Planning – Average 50-75% Energy Savings
  • Lighting Retrofit Services

Business Energy Management

  • Lighting & HVAC Controls
  • Dimmers, Sensors, Scheduling & Commercial Energy Monitoring
  • Competitive Bidding Process with Multiple Energy Management Companies
  • Complete Project Planning – 15-40% Average Energy Savings
  • Energy Management Services

Energy Consulting

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