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Benefits Of A Commercial Lighting Retrofit

LED Retrofit – Higher ROI

There are many benefits of a commercial lighting retrofit. An LED retrofit allows your business to save on utility bills and reduce its energy usage. It’s often perceived that a commercial lighting retrofit will be a costly investment for your company. This is a common misconception. LED lights are proven to consume 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs that have been used traditionally, according to The Department of Energy. The decreased energy consumption will lower your facility’s utility bills and expenses. This capital investment will be realized quickly with a higher ROI as well.

LED Light – Less Maintenance

Maintaining the lighting at a facility is a time consuming task, it takes time away from employees, or requires hiring outside contractors for that work. It can also be a safety issue when changing out light bulbs. There is a risk of falling off a ladder when servicing lights at a facility, risking injuries or liability for those accidents. LED lights last 25 times longer than traditional lighting, so there will be less repairs and maintenance. A commercial lighting retrofit will reduce safety hazards and allow employees to do other tasks.

Boost in Sales and Productivity with LED Retrofit Lights

LED retrofits can help businesses, like car dealerships and retail, increase sales. Improved lighting enhances displays and makes items more attractive to customers to purchase them. Even the color of the lighting can impact sales. Warmer colors in can make the facility seem more familiar, which can help customer and employee relationships. Studies have shown that facility lighting can have a major impact on the workplace. Employees are known to be more productive, happier, and have an overall better environment with proper lighting. There are fewer mistakes, less damage to goods and tools, and a safer building for everyone.

Environmental Benefits of a Commercial Lighting Retrofit

LED lighting lasts longer than traditional light bulbs, which means there is less waste being dumped into our landfills, and less environmental impact. Fluorescent bulbs are known to create massive amounts of mercury waste which pollutes almost every ocean, river, and lake. Retrofit lighting will help reduce the mercury and waste that is being dumped into our environment. A commercial LED lighting retrofit can benefit warehouses, office buildings, schools, and many other facilities. Increased productivity, reduced energy costs, less maintenance, and better work environment. These are just some of the benefits which make LED retrofits a great alternative to traditional lighting.