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Commercial Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to help your company save money on commercial gas and electricity? Would you like your business to be more green and energy efficient in a state without Deregulated Electricity or Deregulated Natural Gas? Is your company located in a state that is slated for, but has not yet switched to Deregulated Energy? There are options for Commercial Energy Efficiency and helping your business to become more green. Many companies are saving money, and energy, by switching to Commercial LED Retrofit Lighting and Solar Energy for Business.

Commercial Lighting Retrofit

A good choice for companies and warehouses is a Commercial Lighting Retrofit. This service will replace your current lighting with counterparts that use energy more efficiently. An upgrade to more energy efficient lighting will reduce your business energy use, with energy savings that can be quite significant. Not only will the savings pay for the new equipment, but can also produce a return on investment for your business.

There are two ways to reduce energy consumption, by reducing the wattage of lighting, or by reducing hours of use. Commercial Energy Efficient Lighting helps companies reduce the energy used without cutting back on hours of operation. In many cases, energy efficient lighting will enhance the quality and brightness of your existing business lighting.

Solar Power and Energy Efficiency

Another great option for Commercial Energy Efficiency is Commercial Solar Power. Both small and large companies can become more profitable, realize an excellent return on investment, and become more environmentally friendly by switching to solar power. Even businesses that aren’t located in so called “sunny” states can reap the benefits from business solar energy.

The United States government offers a 30% Business Solar Energy Tax Credit to companies that choose to switch to solar power. In addition to this, many states offer rebates that cover part of the cost of installing a solar power system. Also, many commercial solar energy companies offer financing to help you become solar powered. These are more benefits to help your business in becoming more energy efficient.