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Commercial Cogeneration Systems

MosaicEnergy provides solutions for Commercial Cogeneration Systems to produce electricity, hot or chilled water, from a natural gas fuel source.  Cogeneration Power is also known as Combined Heat and Power, CHP, or Cogen.  These systems operate much more efficiently than a regular energy system like a power plant or an on-site boiler.  A major benefit of a Cogeneration Plant is the site can use the “waste” heat that comes from the Cogen System. This in turn helps boilers to run at a lower capacity, which will reduce natural gas usage.  Waste heat can also be converted into cooling, by an absorption chiller.  This lessens the load on the other chillers, used for air conditioning, and associated electric usage.

Cogeneration Energy or CHP Systems can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which can come from producing power or hot-chilled water.  This reduction can be as much as 50%, with similar operational savings over traditional commercial utilities. The best facilities for Cogeneration Units have consistent thermal and electrical needs.  Typical candidates include, schools, colleges, hospitals, government buildings, large apartments and/or condominiums, industrial buildings, nursing homes, and other large facilities.

Cogeneration Solutions include analyzing commercial energy usage, trends, and facilities, to ensure the appropriate Cogeneration System is utilized for the site.  We provide project planning, design, financing, installation, as well as ongoing Cogeneration Plant monitoring and management.   MosaicEnergy provides end to end accountability to your project throughout the life of the Cogen System.  Let MosaicEnergy help your business explore alternative energy solutions such as a Cogeneration Power System.

Business Cogeneration Solutions

  • Total Business Energy Management Control
  • Fixed Energy Costs
  • Cogeneration System Backup with Failover to Utility Grid
  • Reduce Energy Needs through Use of Combined Heat and Power
  • Ongoing Cogeneration Plant Maintenance & Management
  • Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient
  • Cogeneration Energy Savings up to 50%

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