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Business Electricity

MosaicEnergy works with multiple Business Electricity suppliers to consult with your company on energy needs.  Our goal is to help our business customers control their commercial electricity costs, along with long term energy efficiency solutions.  This is achieved through expert knowledge of commercial electricity markets and rates, specific customer demand variables, along with strong competitive energy provider relationships.

Energy Solutions we offer provide Business Electricity cost savings through competitive electricity rates and terms, ensuring clients protection from rising energy costs.  Auditing of existing bills and electricity supplier contracts, as well as in-depth cost savings analysis of new services is provided.   We also manage the transition from your current commercial electricity provider to the new Business Electricity supplier.   This results in only a billing change with no interruption to your commercial electricity service.   MosaicEnergy proactively manages all contracts and Business Electricity services to ensure best possible energy savings, throughout the customer account lifecycle.

Commercial Electricity Solutions

  • One Source For All of Your Commercial Electricity Needs
  • Guide Your Business Through the Deregulated Electricity Procurement Process
  • Auditing and Analysis of Existing Commercial Electricity Suppliers & Bills
  • Negotiating the Best Business Electricity Rates, Terms & Conditions For Your Needs
  • Compare Fixed, Variable, Blended Commercial Electricity Rates
  • Ongoing Management of Client Accounts to Ensure Optimal Electricity Rates and Service
  • Average Electricity Savings of 5-25%

Electricity Solutions Request