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Commercial Energy Management

MosaicEnergy provides Business Energy Management services encompassing both energy demand management and control solutions.   Commercial energy demand monitoring and reporting are the basis for increasing business energy efficiency.   This information provides the energy intelligence needed to provide a complete Business Energy Management system.

Energy Management Solutions include analyzing commercial energy usage and trends for potential areas of increased energy efficiency along with systems and solutions needed.   Business energy demand management and control solutions address commercial lighting, HVAC, as well as building and industrial facilities.   Sensors, scheduling timers, dimmers, duty cycle controls, variable frequency drivers are some of the Business Energy Management systems utilized.

These tools along with deregulated electricity and natural gas, commercial solar power, provide a total energy management solution for your business.  Our ongoing energy monitoring and management also ensures the highest commercial energy efficiency in the future.  Let MosaicEnergy help your company control the complexity of managing energy demand and usage.

Business Energy Management Solutions

  • On-site Solar Energy Savings Analysis
  • Total Energy Management Solutions – Control & Demand
  • Commercial Lighting, HVAC, Buildings, and Industrial Production
  • Day Lighting, Occupancy Sensors, Scheduling Timers, Dimmers
  • Duty Cycle Controls & Variable Frequency Drives
  • Business Energy Monitoring, Targeting & Sub Metering
  • Ongoing Management To Ensure Optimum Energy Efficiency, Rates, and Service
  • Average Business Energy Savings of 15-40%

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