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Commercial Energy Storage Systems

MosaicEnergy works with leading Commercial Energy Storage technologies that have improved the way that electricity is generated, stored, delivered, and consumed.  It is a game changer in its ability to balance the power supply and our demand for electricity at the same time. Commercial Energy Storage is an ideal solution to address energy costs, business continuity, as well as energy grid reliability.

Energy Storage Systems work mainly by reducing demand charges. These are charges based on the highest 15 minute average usage recorded on the demand meter within a given billing cycle. Demand charges typically account for 15-50% of a commercial building’s energy bill. Intelligent software manages the grid energy storage and counteracts the peaks and valleys of energy use by discharging from and charging up the Commercial Battery Backup System at key times of the day. This helps to reduce spikes in your buildings power usage, which in turn reduces demand charges from the utility.  The goal is to save on your electricity bill without changes in equipment use or forcing occupants to change their habits.

Time of Use Energy Cost Management can be utilized with Commercial Energy Storage Systems as well. This is accomplished by storing energy in the Battery Backup System during off peak time periods when the retail electricity prices are low, so the energy can be used during peak times when much higher energy prices apply.  Solar Energy Storage is utilized with Solar Panels and a Grid-Tied PV system or with Stand-Alone PV systems. MosaicEnergy partners with leading energy storage companies to help you find the best Commercial Energy Storage solutions for your needs.

Commercial Energy Storage Solutions

  • Time of Use Energy Cost Management – Using Less Electricity During Peak Times
  • Demand Charge Management – Max Amount of Energy Used During Billing Cycle
  • Electric Service Reliability & Business Continuity
  • Battery Backup Power During Outages
  • 15-50% in Demand Charge Savings

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