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Commercial Energy Efficiency

MosaicEnergy performs a complete commercial energy audit and survey to determine current Commercial Energy Efficiency.   We review business energy usage, hours of operation, HVAC systems, lighting needs, design, and other energy requirements.   With this information we work with clients to optimize Commercial Energy Efficiency and advise on the best energy retrofit solutions available.

Energy Efficiency Solutions include commercial lighting retrofit, business lighting controls, energy management systems, lighting design, and HVAC controls.   Implementing these solutions can have a significant impact on bottom line expenses, without requiring a major facility upgrade.  To facilitate this we provide assistance with commercial lighting and energy retrofit financing, rebates, and tax incentives.  This substantially reduces the total energy retrofit project costs to your business.

Whether it is a standard commercial energy retrofit or a custom designed energy efficient lighting system, we can provide a total energy efficiency solution for your business.   Project planning, design, implementation are all standard services we offer, along with ongoing energy monitoring and management solutions.  Let MosaicEnergy help your company explore options for commercial energy retrofit and efficiency.

Business Energy Efficiency Solutions

  • Total Commercial Energy Retrofit, Design, Efficiency Solutions
  • Business Lighting Retrofit
  • Improved Lighting Quality & Safety
  • Reduced Lighting Maintenance Costs
  • Business Lighting Sensors, Timers, Dimmers, and Maximizing Daylight
  • HVAC and Energy Control Systems
  • Overall Greater Controls & Lower Energy Bills
  • Utility Rebates & Tax Incentives with Financing Available

Energy Efficiency Solutions Request