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Add Value To Your Business With Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Grow Your Company Fan Base with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The world is constantly evolving, one car at a time. With more and more drivers choosing to purchase electric vehicles, your business has a great opportunity to meet their needs, and yours, at the same time. By installing electric vehicle charging stations, you can bring your business into a new realm of social and environmental consciousness. This, in turn, may improve consumer and employee loyalty, add value, and extra income to your business.

Does Your Business Need EV Charging Stations

Determining the need, as well as assessing the future car purchasing choices of customers and employees can be tricky.  However, with the sales of EV cars growing steadily, installing an electric vehicle charging station may be a sure bet for the future. Between 2012 and 2016 the EV car market in the United States has seen a 32% annual growth, and that number is nearing 40% as the current numbers come rolling in. Other countries, such as Norway, have numbers closer to 42%. This demonstrates that rather than being a passing fad, electric vehicles may be the choice for the future of transportation. And each electric vehicle needs a place to charge, which is where your business can make a difference.

Installing an electric car charging station at your business or apartment building may be more affordable than you think. Technology is advancing quickly, making the stations more available to even smaller companies. Also, many government agencies are offering rebates to companies installing EV charging stations. Grants and other incentives, as well as a tax deduction, may also be enticing enough to consider a more earth-friendly business model. By simply installing an electric vehicle charging station you will attract new customers. People with EV’s will gravitate to your business for their needs, or want to rent at your property. And being identified as a “green” company puts you in a new category for customers and tenants.

How Electric Car Charging Stations Meet the Demand and Provide Access for All

With the potential for new clientele, you may wonder how to manage your electric car charging stations. Technology is here to help. When you add a station, your company will pop up on a grid with other EV charging stations and various apps will help direct new customers to your place of business. With a charging point management system, businesses can track the usage and let consumers know when their charge is completed. Using a cloud-based platform, businesses can monitor how long each session lasts, how often the same customers return, and how much energy is utilized. Your business could even offer a prompt allowing EV customers to link to your business for added promotions, allowing you to collect even more information and create customer profiles. Charging stations can also send an alert to drivers letting them know when their vehicle has finished charging which would allow more drivers access to the station.

With networked electric vehicle charging stations, businesses can also adjust the pricing module for customers, employees, and tenants. This ensures fair pricing for all and to allow adjustments to be made by your company over time. With this information readily available and neatly compiled, you can assess the current usage and determine the potential need for more electric car charging stations well before the demand overcomes the availability.

Who Would the EV Charging Stations Attract

Drivers of electric vehicles are not just your average consumers. Most electric vehicle drivers are under 50 and have an income of over $100,000 annually. Attracting a loyal customer base from such drivers is very good for your bottom line. By adding EV charging stations outside of your business, you have the added benefit that these customers will increase their “dwell time” inside your store. While waiting for a vehicle to charge, people take more time to browse and usually spend more money the longer they stay. One study found that consumers stayed as much as 50 minutes longer inside the place of business than they would if they were not enjoying the convenience of an electric vehicle charging in the parking lot while they shop.

Of course, electric car charging stations are not just for retail companies and their customers. Other places of business can also benefit. Installing electric vehicle charging stations attracts conscientious, higher caliber employees and tenants. In fact, after speaking with people who worked at Fortune 500 companies, surveyors found that well over half of them would consider switching to an electric vehicle if charging stations were added to the employee parking lot. Such highly educated employees are looking for a company that is forward-thinking and provides benefits such as networked charging stations that will allow them to work while their car charges. With the convenience of networked stations, employees can see when their charge is completed and then move their vehicle, leaving the station available for the next person.

What Other Benefits Are There to Installing EV Charging Stations

Today, cutting prices or adding a few new benefits may not be enough to create the loyal customer or employee base that you are hoping for. As people become more aware of the benefits of owning electric vehicles not only for themselves, but for the environment, they will be looking for companies that have similar values and are willing to take action. And what better way to show that you are taking action than installing electric car charging stations as a way to help prove your company’s commitment to the environment.

Adding an EV charging station can also open up new opportunities. In fact, within the next few years, companies helping create an infrastructure of EV charging stations across the United States can get in on the opportunity to attract EV tourism, bringing even more customers to your business.

Planning for the future may not require a crystal ball, instead, you may want to try a plug. Investing in electric vehicle charging stations is investing in the future of your company, creating contented employees, tenants, and happy customers. And that is good business.