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Residential Solar Power With Electric Vehicles

EV + Solar = Savings

Pairing Residential Solar Power with Electric Vehicles, or EV, is a great way to save on your electricity bill, conserve energy, and reduce driving costs. Interested homeowners want to know how to assess solar for residential properties. This helps them determine if it makes sense to purchase a home solar system in the hopes that their electric vehicle that can be “powered by sunshine.”

The idea is appealing – install solar panels to produce electricity to charge your electric vehicle. Then utilize that power so you never have to worry about paying for gasoline again. If you are thinking about stepping up your energy independence, there are two main factors to consider which help determine the size of the solar system you will need.

How Much Solar Power do Electric Vehicles Require?

Electric vehicle charging stations often provide enough juice to power a car through the next day’s activities, depending on the type of driving you do. Look at how much energy solar panels can produce, subtract the power needed to run your home, and see what is left to run a car.

There are different types of vehicles which demand different amounts of power. Some can be used for short trips on easy terrain, and require comparably little power. However, if you are thinking that you want a vehicle that simulates your gas-powered car, and can go longer distances over more difficult terrain, that will either require a larger amount of electricity or access to electric vehicle charging stations in addition to those at your home.

Solar Energy Potential of the Installation Location

One obvious requirement for solar panels to produce energy is the available amount of sunshine. Think about your geographic location, and the amount of sunlight potential your home can receive in a day. If you live in an area that’s not so sunny, you’ll need to make sure there are more solar EV charging stations in your community so you can plug in while you’re out.

Home and apartment owners who want to become more energy-efficient, while reducing costs and going green, have several options that solve today’s energy challenges. The solution of pairing a home solar system with EV charging stations makes sense in many situations. Pairing residential solar power with electric vehicles can be an intelligent way to power your home and your car.