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Residential Solar Energy Storage

What is Residential Solar Energy Storage?

Residential Solar Energy Storage is a hot topic right now. It’s technology will help widen the use of renewable energy. Storage partnered with solar can help provide electricity even when there is no sunshine.

Solar and Energy Storage Incentives

Residential Solar Energy continues to grow, and the Federal Solar Incentive( ITC) is still in effect until the end of 2021. Residential Solar Energy offers a great opportunity for Energy Storage. Costs are dropping for Residential Solar Energy Storage, and incentives, like SGIP, are helping energy storage to grow.

Benefits of Residential Energy Storage

The electricity produced by residential solar panels is plentiful when the sun is out, but at night, and on cloudy days the generation slows. With the ability to save Solar Energy when sunlight is at its peak, helps homeowners to make the best use of their self-generated power. This is a great benefit in states where there is no net metering, or it’s not economical (some states charge a fee for net metering).

Residential Energy Storage can help regulate power supply in areas with large amounts of Residential Solar Energy. It helps ease the strain on utility power and even out the electricity that is sold back to the grid. The power from Energy Storage can also be used for natural disasters, like earthquakes and hurricanes.

Advancements in Energy Storage

In the past, Energy Storage needed a lot of space. Recent technological advancements in Energy Storage and other areas of energy, have helped to bring down the size and cost of Residential and Commercial Energy Storage batteries. This is one of the main reasons Energy Storage manufacturers are partnering with Residential Solar Energy companies. They are a perfect complement to each other as the market for solar energy partnered with energy storage continues to expand. These factors, coupled with the cost of storage continuing to decline, will help Residential Solar Energy Storage to grow.