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Residential Battery Backup Systems

MosaicEnergy provides solutions for Residential Battery Backup Systems without solar panels, allowing you to store electricity in the off peak hours and on days your usage is lower. You can then release the stored home battery backup power as needed to reduce your electric charges during peak hours.  Home energy storage systems can also make the load on the electric grid lighter and improve your power quality, by regulating the power supplyResidential Battery Backup Solutions

Home Solar with Energy Storage provides a unique solution to address both demand and cost issues.  Residential solar panels generate an abundance of electricity on sunny days, however on cloudy days and at night, the generation is low.  A residential solar energy storage system allows the homeowner to save the the extra solar energy power when the sunlight is at its peak and help maximize the use of the power generated from your homes solar energy storage.  This can be very beneficial in states where net metering benefits are limited or restricted, which means that homeowners can’t sell back to the utilities their extra solar power generated.  Home energy storage systems are a great way to offset these solar energy challengesHome Energy Storage Systems

Residential Battery Backup Power also provides insurance against power outages and continuation of your energy supply.  If the grid goes down, or you want to be off-grid, the home energy storage system will charge and discharge as needed from your solar panels to provide power.  You can charge your home battery energy storage system during the non peak hours of the day, and utilize your own energy.  MosaicEnergy partners with Energy Storage Companies to provide the best solutions for energy independence.

Home Energy Storage Solutions

  • Maximize your Solar Power Energy
  • Reduce your Home Electricity Costs
  • Increases the Reliability of Your Electric Service
  • Take your Home Off the Grid
  • Become Energy Independent

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