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Residential Electricity

MosaicEnergy partners with multiple Residential Electricity providers to consult with you on your home energy needs. Our mission to help our residential customers lower their home electricity costs. We achieve this through expert knowledge of the residential electricity market, and excellent energy partner relationships.  Deregulated Electricity is available in states that have chosen to switch to a competitive electricity market.  These deregulated states offer residential customers and businesses the opportunity to choose their electricity supplier.  This is very similar to many consumers today choosing their own telecommunications provider.

The laws for electricity deregulation vary from state to state. Not all states fall under deregulation, and only some cities and regions within those deregulated states have deregulation.  With the energy deregulation growing in the United States, it’s is important for consumers living and working in deregulated electricity markets to know their options.

Residential Electric Services offered allow for competitive electricity rates and terms for our Residential customers. We protect our clients from rising electricity costs. The auditing of energy bills and utility contracts, as well as a cost savings analysis of new Residential Electricity services is provided. We will also assist with the transition from your current supplier to the new Residential Electricity provider. The only change is in billing, and there is no electricity service interruption. MosaicEnergy manages all of the contracts and services to make certain that you have the most energy savings for the life of your contract.  Let us help you explore your energy options.

Deregulated Electricity Solutions

  • One Source For All of Your Residential Electricity Needs
  • Assistance in Navigating the Deregulated Electricity States Process
  • Audit and Analyze Existing Residential Electricity Suppliers and Bills
  • Negotiate the Best Electricity Rates, Terms & Conditions For Your Needs
  • Compare Fixed, Variable, Blended Electricity Rates
  • Customers See an Average Electricity Savings of 5-25%

Residential Electricity Solutions Request