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Residential Solar Power

MosaicEnergy works with multiple Residential Solar Power Systems and companies to find the right solutions for your home solar energy needs.  With electricity costs on the rise, government incentives, and the cost of residential solar panels decreasing, right now is the perfect time to add solar power for your home. Solar Energy adds value to your home, helps to decrease your carbon footprint, and gives you short and long term savings on your electricity bill.

Depending on the size of a home solar system, you can save an average of 50% of your energy bill or in some cases, eliminate the entire bill. In addition, most solar ROI is less than ten years.  Residential Solar Energy is secure and reliable. With solar panel specs and simple math, your electricity generation and cost can be calculated for 20 years.  By switching to residential solar power you can help reduce the dependence on foreign energy, save money, and be green.  MosaicEnergy works with many financing options to fit your budget and needsResidential Solar Power Systems

Buy Solar System – Own System & Solar Power Produced

If you choose not to purchase your solar system with your own money, solar loan financing has become a popular way for homeowners to pay for their solar system. Like a solar lease or PPA, a solar loan allows the customer to spread out the cost of the system, and pay it off over time. Solar loans are structured like regular loans are many lending institutions have begun to offer them. Solar manufacturers, credit unions, banks, housing investment funds, and others are all offering solar financing. However, unlike a lease or PPA, the customer retains ownership of the system and is also eligible for federal and state solar tax incentives and rebates. One main difference between a lease or PP a when financing/owning a solar is system is that the property owner is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the solar system.

Lease Solar System – Own Solar Energy Produced

Under a solar lease agreement, the homeowner enters into a contract to pay scheduled, pre determined lease payments to the solar leasing company. In turn, the solar leasing company installs, owns, and maintains the solar system on the homeowner’s roof or property. Most solar leases are from 15-25 years. The electricity produced by the leased solar system is consumed by the homeowner. If excess electricity is produced and sent back to the grid, the homeowner may receive credit from the local electricity utility. Under a solar lease agreement, the homeowner pays the current utility rate for any electricity used which is greater than what the solar system generates. A homeowner who enters into a solar lease agreement is not eligible for federal or state solar tax incentives or rebates

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Buy Power from Solar Company

A Residential Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between the homeowner and the solar provider. The solar company installs, owns, and operates the solar system on the customer’s property and provides all of the electricity at a fixed per kilowatt rate, which is usually competitive with what the local utility rate is. This enables homeowner to utilize solar energy at a set cost, but avoids the upfront costs of a residential solar system and is not responsible for maintaining and operating the system. The homeowner is aware of the how much they will be paying for solar electricity for the entire length of the PPA, and will not be subject to increases from the utility electricity rates. In the same regard as solar leases, with a PPA, the customer does not own the system, and is not eligible for federal and state solar tax incentives and rebates.

Residential Solar Energy Systems

  • Take Advantage of Solar Tax Credits (ITC) & Rebates
  • Add Value to Your Home with a Solar Power System
  • Produces Environmentally Friendly Energy
  • Average Solar Energy Savings – 50% or More on Electricity
  • Low Payback Period with Solar Financing Available
  • No Money Down – Solar Lease or PPA
  • Energy Independence

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