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MosaicEnergy works with Commercial, Residential, and Industrial customers on energy efficiency solutions and cost savings. Our goal is to make this process simple and easy for clients to understand. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Deregulated Energy, Electricity and Natural Gas, Solar Power, Retrofit and Green Energy Solutions.

What is Energy Deregulation?

  • Being able to choose who you purchase your electricity and natural gas from. Before deregulation, the only choice was the local utility company. Now your company has a choice of energy suppliers and pricing options.

What is the difference between MosaicEnergy and my current utility provider?

  • MosaicEnergy partners with alternative energy providers who purchase electricity and natural gas from the companies that process it, and then we work with the providers to resell it. The utility companies manage pipes, lines and other infrastructure to get the gas and electricity safely delivered. Most likely you will pay a better rate if you choose to buy from an alternative energy provider instead of the utility company.

Do you require a contract?

  • Yes, we have different contract terms depending on the rate you choose.

Is there a fee to switch suppliers?

  • No, there is not a fee to switch.

What is the minimum account size required for Electricity or Natural Gas?

  • Electricity is 5000+ Kilowatts/month and Natural Gas is 300+ Therms/month.

Do you offer residential service?

  • No, at this time we don’t offer service for residential customers.

Will I now have two bills to pay if I switch providers?

  • No, you will receive one bill from your new energy provider. That bill will have your supply charges from the new energy provider and the delivery charges from the local utility company.

Why should my company switch energy providers?

  • By switching to an alternative energy provider, generally there is a 5-20% savings on your energy bills each month, without any new installation.

Will my service be stopped if I switch?

  • No, the local utility company is still in charge of delivering your electricity/natural gas. It is just a billing change.

Do I need to let my current supplier know I am leaving them, and switching to the new energy provider?

  • No, we will take care of your utility and make them aware of the switch.

How long do I have to wait for the new energy provider to be effective once I have made the switch from my old utility company?

  • It is the next meter reading after the incumbent utility has processed the request received from the new energy provider.

Can I use an alternate energy provider for new construction or a new location?

  • No, the local utility company must set up your new service. However, you can switch to an alternative energy provider once you receive your first bill from the utility.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my electricity/natural gas service?

  • Your local utility company will still handle service calls and emergencies, billing is handled by the alternative energy provider.

How can my company benefit from Lighting Retrofit Services?

  • First and foremost, you will save money on your electricity bill. The savings are derived from reduced energy consumption. In the project proposal, the savings will be quantified, so you’ll have an idea of what the savings will be. Also, in most cases, energy efficient lighting will enhance the quality and brightness of your existing lighting.

My company doesn’t have the funding for Lighting Retrofit or Solar project?

  • Is there financing available? Yes, we do offer various financing options for your needs as well as available energy credits.

Are there any available incentives or rebates to help offset the cost of the project?

  • Usually there are a variety of incentives and/or rebates available. We are always researching the various programs offered and help with the administration required to secure the largest possible incentives for our customers.

What is the minimum facility size required for a Solar project?

  • Typically a good ROI starts with a facility of 20,000 sq ft or larger.

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